Some of the best floor surfaces that are available nowadays are affordable and look more expensive. Modern technology has enabled builders to offer loads of qualities once associated with costlier installations like ceramic mosaics, granite, marble and designed special stones. This is for a surface that is in more common use and has the durable and decorative qualities of the upscale installs.

Vertical home surfaces are made to stand the weight of things inside a home and where applicable they also need to be attractive, but this requires the use different kinds of materials and varied building processes. Stained concrete contractors NYC however provides both under one process. This is something that builders and owners greatly appreciate for their projects.

The use of concrete is becoming more and more about smart or intelligent materials and their innovative use. It is no longer a simple matter of utility for this most used building material, but it remains simple enough to use. Stained concrete has an add on process based on the basic one but is still affordable enough when the cost is totaled for the entire project.

Thus, a builder or a home improvement contractor can be doing the entire indoor floor area with basic concrete and can do the staining add on specific places that need it. For instance, staining will look great on foyers or reception areas. Also, it will be an excellent item for use on verandas and patios, or even exterior installations.

For commercial purposes, it is already making waves in malls, office buildings and public walks or gardens. It can replace hard to maintain flagstone or fieldstone materials, and is certainly less expensive than marble, which is a non sustainable resource. Cement and the ceramic dyes used for staining however are abundant and will remain so for a very long time.

The old church, castle or Roman villa mosaics have been iconic design options in history. So builders have been experimenting with this type of concrete installation so that upscale and attractive looking domestic or office floors can be made affordably. Green design also requires these constructs to be durable, use no hazardous chemicals as well as being sustainable.

Staining is also a versatile process that can be made into any kind of design created by specialists in the trade. For beauty and utility, the great floors that have been recognized in history are topped by stained concrete flooring. And this is the easiest to maintain of surfaces, a once a day wet mop up with some neutral cleaning agent is enough to maintain it for a long time.

Thus, you will have a worry free installation that will remain beautiful and elegant with minimal maintenance costs. It will be the shiny stain free surface on which children can play and which pets will not damage. The small fraction of add on cost will be recouped with the qualities and value that this flooring will bring to a home or office building.

The stained install can also be done with several active polymer and bonding materials for surfaces that are resistant to weather, moisture and extreme temperatures. Again, this part of the building, once done, will leave owners with very few worries. It will have pride of place among modern structural elements that all go together to provide buildings with excellent market value.